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Company Industry Location Funding Contact Actions
Acme Inc. Manufacturing Chicago, IL
john.smith@acmeinc.com Send Message
XYZ Corporation Technology San Francisco, CA
jane.doe@xyzcorp.com Send Message
Smith & Associates Consulting New York, NY
david.lee@smithandassoc.com Send Message
Global Foods Ltd. Food and Beverage London UK
maria.rodriguez@globalfoods.com Send Message
Elite Fitness Health and Wellness Los Angeles, CA
sarah.johnson@elitefitness.com Send Message
Sparkle Inc. Cosmetics Paris, France
julie.duval@sparkleinc.com Send Message
SolarTech Renewable Energy Austin, TX
andrew.kim@solartech.com Send Message
Zenith Co. Finance Hong Kong, China
david.chen@zenithco.com Send Message
Bright Solutions IT Services Bangalore, India
priya.sharma@brightsolutions.com Send Message
Green Growth Agriculture Cape Town, South Africa
samuel.mbatha@greengrowth.com Send Message


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